• The submission will be available from March 20th – June 17th, exclusively through the Congress website.
  • All abstracts must have conclusion/results completed by the submission date.
    Abstracts must be submitted and presented only in English. Papers submitted in other languages won’t be considered.
  • English is The official language of the Congress.
  • Registration is not mandatory in the submission process.
  • However, all presenters must be registered for the conference by the deadline of July 18th, 2018, otherwise the abstract will not be included in the Conference Final Program.
  • Registration fees can be found at the “Registration” menu of the Congress website and are independent of the abstract approval date. In order to guarantee any discount, payment needs to be made within the deadlines.


  • Log in to the restricted area and follow the screen instructions to access the abstract submission form.
  • The submitting author must fill in all fields in the online form. Information corresponding to the authors complete names and affiliation institutions are required. This information should not be included in the title or in the abstract content, only in the field intended for it;
  • There are no limits of authors per abstract. Please list the authors in the desired order;
  • There is no limit of abstracts submitted by the author;
  • Choose the type of presentation – oral OR poster.
  • However, the Scientific Committee reserves the right to reassign submitted presentations. The Scientific Committee final decision on presentation modality is considered supreme and irrevocable, and shall not be questioned. Papers, which have not been accepted for oral presentation, may be reallocated to poster presentation and the author will be informed about this decision accordingly.
  • Before submitting the abstract, the organization recommends to carefully review all the information entered, to avoid possible errors.
  • Any changes in the submitted content, inclusion of authors/institutions or addendum, will be allowed only until the final submission deadline. After that date, exchanges, will not be accepted.
  • Communications related to the abstract will be sent only to the submitting author, in the registered e-mail. The submitting author should be in charge of passing on information to the co-authors;
    After submitting your abstracts, click on “Log out”.
  • Automatically after sending the abstract, the submitting author will receive an e- mail confirming the information provided to check if all information is correct. If mistakes are found, log in to the restricted area again and make the necessary changes.
  • If the automatic confirmation is not received immediately, the submission has not been completed and the organization must be reported throught the contact below.
  • E-mail:
  • To access the restricted area again use your username and password.
  • If you forget your login data, use the “forgot your password?” option available.


Authors should prepare the abstract content and submit it in the online corresponding field, respecting the following instructions:

  • Title – Up to 150 characters (Do not use upper case). Arial Font 10.
    The title and text should not contain information identifying the institution or authors.
  • Summary text – Up to 3,000 characters, including spaces. Arial Font 10. Simple space between lines. Alignment justified, drafted in a single paragraph.
  • The abstract should be structured and formatted in Bold in the sessions: Introduction, Objectives, Method, Results, Discussion (includes conclusions and implications for practice).
  • Italic for word in another language and scientific name.
  • Formatting not allowed: underline, highlights or text markers.
  • No acronyms, tables, pictures, figures, illustrations, footnotes and use of colors are allowed.
  • The abstract should be structured in an objective and concise way, providing essential information under each title.

Suggested titles: introduction/objectives, methods, results and conclusion, as follow:

  • Introduction/Objetives – Concise statement on why the study was conducted;
  • Material and Methods – Briefly describe the material evaluated and the method used in his evaluation; Location, number and type of human subjects, non-human species or material being studied; Design of the study and type of intervention; Principal assays or test (s) performed and the types of statistical analyses if appropriate.
  • Results – Describe the relevant findings with statistical analysis and their significance. Results using statements such as “results will be presented” or “data will be analyzed” will not be accepted.
  • Conclusions – How the results may affect patient management or understanding of the condition. Compare findings with data in the literature and the main conclusions of the significance of the result.

The submitting author should choose one of the topics below:

  • Epidemiology and MRI
  • Immunology, basic science and clinical findings
  • MS treatment and multidisciplinary care
  • NMO, ADEM and CIS

The Scientific Committee reserves the right to reassign submitted themes as per its discretion.


  • The final list with the approved abstracts, including presentation date, time and type will be available on the congress website 30 days before the event.
  • Presenters whose abstracts have been accepted (oral or poster) must be register in the Congress and pay the registration fee until June 18th, 2018.
  • In case of impossibility to attend the Congress, the presenter should contact the Organizers to indicate representative or request the cancellation of the presentation.


Abstracts will be presented in English from August 1st to 3rd

Oral presentation – information and rules

  • Abstracts selected by scientific committee for oral session will be presented in the Congress and will have multimedia resources.
  • The best abstracts will be selected for oral presentation and will be competing for the Awards.
  • The author must submit the files (PDF or PPT) at the Media Desk 1 hour in advance of the scheduled presentation session in order to upload the document to the media system.
  • Presentation time: 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes of discussion.
  • If none of the authors attend the event, the presentation will be canceled and the certificate will not be issued.
  • Presentation schedule will be published in the Congress website 30 days in advance and will be available in the restricted area of the submitting author.

Poster Discussion Session – information and rules

  • The posters must be fixed in the place determined by the organizing committee, in day and hour predetermined.
  • Authors will have the opportunity to present their poster during their assigned poster session.
  • Presentation schedule will be published in the Congress website 30 days in advance and will be available in the restricted area of the submitting author.
  • The Scientific Committee will designate the Judging Commission that will visit the abstracts and it’s necessary the presence of one of the authors at the specified time for the presentation.
  • Presentation time: 3 minutes followed by 2 minutes of discussion.
  • If none of the authors attend the event, the presentation will be canceled and the certificate will not be issued.

Presentation tips

  • Present your abstract objectively using the time allowed;
  • Emphasize the objetives;
  • Do not detail the methodology;
  • Summarize the results;
  • Emphasize the conclusions;
  • Answer the questions from the Panel of experts and the audience cordially.

Guidelines for poster preparation

  • Measurements: 90cm (width) x 120 cm (height).
  • Make sure it allows easy reading at two meters distance.


  • Aluízio Marques Award
  • Roberto Melaragno Filho Award
  • Gilberto Belisário Award
  • Young Brazilian Researcher Award


  • Certificates will be available on the congress website by August 10th
    The submitting author must access “Certificates” in the restricted area, using the registered e-mail and fill in the “Satisfaction Survey”.
  • Important: the certificates will not be sent directly to email.
    Only one certificate will be issued per abstract following the order of registred authors during the submission process.
  • The Congress will not issue presenter certificate.
  • At least one of the authors must be registered and attend the congress to receive the certificate.


  • All presented abstracts will be available at official website congress.


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